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Because we care about our members and all of you, we are complying with direction to not meet in person at least until May 1.

We will have online options soon - check back for details.

In the meantime, find us on Facebook for ongoing updates.

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 Welcome to the Crossroads United Methodist Church,  where  we  seek  to  make  disciples  of  Jesus  Christ by feeding ALL of God’s Children - body, mind, and soul. Crossroads has a long  tradition of outreach and service to its members and the community. When we are able to gather in person once again, we  hope you will join us for service on Sunday to experience for yourself  the fellowship of Christ. 

Crossroads United Methodist Church

1100 South Hague Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43204, United States

(614) 274-4920

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Sunday Worship & Classes

Sunday Worship & Classes

Sunday Worship & Classes


Sunday Worship - 10:30am

Junior Worship - 10:45am

Office Hours

Sunday Worship & Classes

Sunday Worship & Classes


Monday - Friday: 9am - 1pm

Pantry Hours

Sunday Worship & Classes

Pantry Hours


Our pantry is currently closed due to the lack of volunteers because of the pandemic (most are in the high risk category for the disease, and we don’t want to take chances with them).

We will reopen as soon as we can. 

First Time Visitor?

We know it can be a little scary the first time you visit someplace new,  especially a church, so we want to make it as easy for you as possible.  So, to help make this time as comfortable for you as possible here's  some "helps." We have two parking lots at Crossroads, both of which you  enter off of Hague Avenue. The north lot is closer to the sanctuary, and  has designated VISITOR parking spots adjacent to the main entrance, but  you can get there from the south lot as well. Restrooms are located in  the main hallway off the sanctuary, as well as near the Fellowship Hall  and Kitchen at the other end of the building. Greeters will give you a  copy of the worship folder (you can't tell the players without a  scorecard!) and ushers will help you find a comfortable seat in the  sanctuary. Worship begins at 10:30 am and usually lasts about 75  minutes. 

What to Expect

Worship at Crossroads is liturgical bu fairly casual. The only dress code is you do have to wear clothes. 😆

There are hymnals to use, but the words are on a screen in front as well. 

The messages are both biblical and relevant to modern life. You do not have to check your brain at the door. We won’t tell you what to think but hope you leave with something to think about. 

On the first Sunday of each month, we have a moment with children up front before they are dismissed to junior worship.  Children  are  always  welcome  in  worship,  but  we  do  have  a  reliably  staffed  nursery  for  children  under  5  and  kids  age  5  and  up  are  invited  to  the  junior  worship  experience  when  they  are  dismissed  during  worship.  


On  the first Sunday of every month, and occasionally on  other Sundays, we celebrate Holy Communion, which commemorates the last  meal Jesus had with his disciples. In some churches you have to be a  member in order to receive communion, but in the UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  we practice "OPEN COMMUNION." That is, ALL ARE WELCOME to come to  Christ's table BECAUSE it is Christ's table, and not ours. It is an open  table and all are welcome to share if they would like.